Internet Radio Streaming

Internet Radio Streaming

There’s no doubt that mobile platforms are exploding, and this is clearly illustrated in recent ASA findings showing very strong growth in Interactive ad spend.

The importance of being mobile-ready was again demonstrated with Google’s announcement that websites without a ‘responsive’ (mobile friendly) design would be penalised in mobile search results. This is a big deal now considering that more Google searches now come from mobile than desktop.

The continuing growth of platforms such as TuneIn and other streaming services proves that more and more consumers are wanting to access content on internet enabled devices. It is no longer sufficient to do ‘just enough’ with regards to mobile, even small stations must ensure they have an effective mobile strategy to be found and heard in the coming years.

People have been saying ‘it’s the year of the mobile’ since Adam was wearing one of those ridiculous bluetooth headsets. But with Google announcing more searches now come from mobile than desktop, with Facebook making over 70 percent of its US$3.54 billion in revenue from mobile ads, and a recent study showing 39 of the world’s top 50 most-visited digital news sites get more traffic from mobile than desktop, the tipping point looks to be here. So how can marketers make the most of it? And why is the mobile spend not following the eyeballs in New Zealand?

Lynda Brendish

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