Podcasting on Facebook

Podcasting on Facebook

Podcasting On Facebook

Podcasting appears to have come full circle. The concept started as an effective way to offer content to the new waves of compact MP3 players in a time before they had 3G or even WiFi connectivity. Podcasting is now receiving renewed interest, perhaps as a result of the proliferation of Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs on car stereos, people’s preference towards on-demand media and the greater selection of high-quality niche content.

Some examples of New Zealand broadcasters who are doing podcasting well are RNZ and Access Radio stations like Free FM.

So How is This Relevant on Social Media?

A lot of effort goes into generating engaging content, so it is important to put it to best use and out to the greatest possible audience. Facebook has proved to be a very useful tool in gaining new listeners or exposure for Radio brands, but it is also possible to re-purpose audio content for the social network.

WYNC in the US is doing just this, and publishing podcasts to Facebook as videos with graphical branding as the background. The new Facebook video player allows users to watch the video in the lower right corner whilst continuing to browse their news-feed. This important update could potentially allow publishers to get back some of the 8 hours a month of viewers attention that has been lost to Facebook alone. We can picture people listening to their station’s breakfast news whilst reading their friends status updates, all in one place.

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