BW Broadcast TX5 V2

BW Broadcast TX5 V2

The BW Broadcast TX5 V2 LPFM transmitter is fully compliant and approved for Low Power FM use and carries the necessary regulatory labels for use in NZ – including an RSM SCN number.


Don’t be tempted by cheaper alternatives on TradeMe, most of these units are very poor quality and are not legally compliant for use in NZ. Recently there have been a number of these poor quality units found to be interfering with aircraft communications; nothing will bring the Radio Inspector and his $1200 fine book to your door faster!

Pleased to let you know that the TX5 the School purchased is working well. I was very impressed with the quality of the audio being transmitted. Wish we had purchased one of these many years ago. The school is very happy with the unit and happy to get back on-air with the new service.

This fully featured solution is the ultimate transmitter for LPFM use and the very same equipment found in use by professional broadcasters all over the world. The TX5 V2 incorporates the exciter, RF amplifier, power supply, digital stereo encoder and regulatory audio limiters.

Nice clean audio signal and the coverage has the edge on other transmitters I have tried. It’s great to have a professional piece of equipment with a compliant number – and the sound processing is something else!!!

It’s loaded with features such as multiband digital audio processing to keep your audio quality up with the big stations. The OLED display has a password lock to prevent tempering with frequency and power controls to comply with NZ regulations. Buy with confidence from the official dealer and service center for BW Broadcast products.For more information on the TX5 V2 click here.

N.B. The maximum legal power for LPFM radio stations is 1W EIRP, the TX5 V2 can be used where very long coax cable run incurs loss. It is a condition of purchase that the user understands the implications of running in excess of 1W transmitter power in such cases. We are happy to offer advice on the correct setup of your system, cable losses and antenna gain to ensure you stay legal.






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