Sonifex Flashlog Audio Logging

Sonifex Flashlog Audio Logging

Audio logging solutions can be clunky and don’t always support all required audio sources. Sonifex’s Flashlog 8 is the exception, supporting analogue, digital AES/EBU, FM radio, AM radio, internet streams, Wheatstone Wheatnet-IP and Axia Livewire inputs. Taking advantage of today’s powerful multi-core processors and growing hard disc capacities, the software pushes back the barriers on traditional line and radio capture logging with the ability to record up to 64 stereo line channels, 32 stereo FM stations, 32 AM stations and 32 internet radio streams, limited only by the number of PCIe slots on the motherboard. The system allows up to 2 years of audio logs to be kept and the number of logging days can be independently set for each line, AM or FM channel.

The logger comes with the slick playback application ‘Flashback 8’ which can be installed on as many clients as required. Windows limits the number of incoming connections to 20, the software must be installed on a system running a Windows Server OS if more concurrent connections are required. Flashback 8 supports saving log extracts as MP3, WAV, WMA and AVI files.

Sonifex Flashlog 8 Features

  • Analogue, AES-3, Wheatstone Wheatnet-IP and Axia Livewire line inputs.
  • Up to 64 stereo inputs, each reconfigurable as a pair of mono inputs.
  • Up to four assignable line sub-categories for grouping channels.
  • Live input monitoring on logger unit.
  • Selectable audio failure alarms.
  • Up to 32 AM stations and 32 FM stations when using PCIe tuner cards.
  • All FM logging in stereo.
  • Received signal strength, FM stereo pilot and RDS indicators.
  • FM RDS radiotext logging.
  • Selectable carrier & audio failure alarms.
  • Selectable audio compression rates ranging from 80kbps to lossless compression.
  • Adjustable number of logging days on each input.
  • Optional skimming control inputs.

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