Wheatstone Dimension Three

Wheatstone Dimension Three

Wheatstone’s new Dimension Three TV audio console provides the best of all possible worlds, combining capabilities such as I/O layering and profiling of channels into any configuration on the surface with unlimited access to sources at any time, from anywhere and in just about any format from the network. Unlike traditional broadcast consoles with all sources wired to the board, the new Dimension Three puts mixing, I/O and processing where a modern network puts them: in a separate network unit unrestricted by tight spaces and limited access.

With all I/O managed through a separate rack unit, the Dimension Three has no limitations with fixed connection points on the console chassis itself. Any channel can connect to any audio source, using any preferred audio format at any time, whether it’s HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, Analog or TDM.

The result is the first large-format audio console that is so truly universal, it can fit into almost any TV production environment, anywhere — whether it’s a Wheatstone TDM routed studio, a MADI-equipped stadium, a remote truck or even the newest space in studio networking based on IP connectivity.

Just some of the highlights from the immense feature list:

  • Network access to audio in all major formats: HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, Analog or TDM
  • Flexible I/O layering and profiling of channels
  • Built-in audio clip player and USB interface for Flash drives
  • Loudness Metering with large LKFS readout and momentary, short-term, peak reading and program duration level history display
  • 16 dedicated mix-minus busses, 16 stereo AUX sends and bus-minus (N-1) output for every input channel
  • Two 5.1 surround master output busses, two stereo master output busses and Up/Down mixing between 5.1 and stereo
  • Full digital audio processing on all inputs and major output busses (EQ, comp/limiter, expander/gate, high/low pass filters)
  • Programmable delay applicable to inputs and outputs
  • Automatic microphone mixing (AutoMix) and audio-follow-video switching (AFV)
  • Two programmable soft knobs per input – can be assigned any control function on the console
  • 4 fully programmable switches for implementing custom routing and switching functions
  • 99 show presets for complete recall of console setups

We’re bringing one back from NAB to put in our demo studio, give us a call to drop round and see this impressive console.