Worldcast Systems Release APT Surestreamer

WorldCast Systems will launch a brand new product at IBC 2014 that will enable Broadcasters to easily and affordably upgrade outdated audio networks. The APT SureStreamer enables broadcasters with existing, basic IP audio codecs to take advantage of the very latest technology enabling highly reliable, broadcast-grade connections over the public internet, both wired and wirelessly. Surestreamer_300px Many broadcasters with older or entry-level IP audio codecs face the choice of either paying for a managed IP service that provides performance guarantees or exposing their audio content to the unreliable and unpredictable nature of the public internet. Adding the APT SureStreamer into their network will enable a broadcaster with an existing single port IP codec to use APT’s advanced redundant streaming technology, SureStream, achieving the quality and reliability of a managed service (or that of a T1 /E1 link) without the associated cost. Using either two separate wired internet connections or one wired, one wireless (i.e. DSL plus 3G/4G), the APT SureStreamer allows the broadcaster to send the same audio content over divergent paths for increased redundancy. In addition, the highly sophisticated stream generation and resequencing engine of SureStream further increases the robustness and reliability of the connection. Overall, the system ensures that one perfectly seamless, reconstructed stream is produced by the decoder and that any drop-outs or interruptions to any of the constituent connections have no effect on the final play-out. SureStreamer_Diagram

Use multiple wired connections or a combination of wired and wireless to send redundant streams over different network paths.
AND, SureStream uses sophisticated techniques to build even greater robustness into the connection!
Even when a link suffers drop-outs or loss of connection, the decoder receives a perfectly seamless, reconstructed stream with consistently low delay!

Having led the market in the introduction of redundant streaming for IP audio delivery and having sold many hundreds of SureStream-enabled IP codecs to the broadcast market worldwide, we are now offering those with existing IP audio links the opportunity to benefit from the very latest technology without the need to invest in completely new infrastructure.

Christophe Poulain, VP Sales & Marketing at WorldCast Systems
  Some of the benefits of the new APT Surestreamer:
  • Enables Affordable Upgrade to cutting-edge IP technology
  • Connects to standard IP audio codecs from many manufacturers
  • Connect via 2 wired connections OR
  • Connect via both wired & wireless links
  • Ensures “Always ON” Redundancy
  • Enables cost savings with use of public internet
  • Algorithm-agnostic Unit – does not matter what coding scheme used
  • Uses tried & tested, multiple award-winning SureStream technology
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