RDS Configuration Guide

RDS Configuration Guide

Yes, the Radio Data System, has been around for a while. But don’t undersell its importance.

RDS may be a familiar part of the broadcast industry infrastructure; yet it has enjoyed renewed interest and support among broadcasts, thanks to a growing appreciation of the power of data and the value of a strong user experience for consumers. The technology has shown surprising resilience and now is the subject of a planned standards update.

No one has written more about RDS than Alan Jurison. He authors an ongoing series in Radio World in which he shares experiences based on his work with countless engineers, general managers and program directors when implementing RDS.

For broadcasters, those few bits of data are an important part of how your audience perceives you and your brand. Now, in a special-length eBook addition Radio World brings together Alan’s best practices, tips and advice about common mistakes to help you understand how the technology works and how to optimise it for your stations.

What do you need to know? How can you optimise your Radio Text send rate and PS Scroll? What should you know about injection levels and pilot sync? Do your RDS displays actually make sense? Is your RDS installation secure? What is RDS2 and why should you care? Download RadioWorld’s eBook which forms a helpful RDS configuration guide to get you started.

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